Hydraulic Honing Machine for Cylinder

Honing with high quality and precision;
Handler joystick to eliminate taper in cylinder sleeve;
Button of extractor, which removes the honing in movement from within the cylinder sleeve;
Hydraulic mechanism;
Transmission with dual belt in V type B and motoreducer.
Maximum honing length 350 mm
Distance of table to chuck 800 mm
Length of table 1250 mm
Width of the table 630 mm
Maximum stroke longitudinal of table 720 mm
Rotation of honing tool 85 rpm
Speed of Alternative Movement 0 a 44 mov/min
Hydraulic pump motor 3 hp
Moto-reducer of honing tool 0,75 hp
Cooling pump 0,12 hp
Tank of hydraulic oil 60 Lts
Tank for honing fluid 40 Lts
Width 2080 mm
Height 2500 mm
Depth 1130 mm
Weight 700 Kg
Technical data subject to change without notice.
Technical Manuals
Manual de Providência Inicial
Tabela de Brunimento