BC-750 F

Cylinder Boring and Surface Milling

Automatic head return system;
Sharpening support;
Surface milling system;
The centering system.
Boring range with standard spindles 1,4 – 6,3 in
Milling range 12 x 55 in
Maximum vertical head travel 37,4 in
Distance from spindle centre to column 13,2 in
Useful surface área of work table 61 x 16 in
Longitudinal movement of table 61 in
Transverse movement of table 3,9 in
Spindle speeds variable 80 – 900 RPM
Spindle feeds 0,003 – 0,007 in/rot
Automatic table speed variable 0,4 – 7 in/min
Main spindle motor 5 HP
Fast forward of head motor 1 HP
Automatic table speed motor 1 HP
Tool sharpening motor 0,5 HP
Weight 7,300 lb
Dados Técnicos sujeitos a alterações sem aviso prévio.