Automotive Parts Washer

Any structure made of stainless steel AISI 304;
Digital controller of temperature;
Time of washing programmable;
Rotating basket;
Automatic skinner oil;
Suction filter for retention of particles.
Diameter of Basket 850 mm
Tank capacity 145 lts
Internal capacity 250 kg
Internal height 500 mm
Water temperature 80° c
Pump pressure 40 mca
Nozzles of washing 44 nozzles
Pressure of nozzles 1,9 bar
Pump 3 hp
Moto-reducer 0,18 hp
Resistance 1 x 5000 W
Width 1400 mm
Height 1130 mm
Depth 1250 mm
Weight 195 Kg
Technical data subject to change without notice.
Technical Manuals
Manual de Providência Inicial
Troca do Selo Mecânico da Bomba de Água