Line Block Boring Machine

Enhanced Structure;
It uses the same head driving the MR-1400;
Boring direct 610mm;
Working basis and millimeter scale vertical motion;
Speed cutting tool electronically variable;
Equipped with Ø22mm boring bar.
Vertical height of column 275 mm
Length of slide bars 2100 mm
Width of slide bars 370 mm
Maximum stroke of uninterrupted machining with boring bar of 2.600mm 610 mm
Length of screw of advance of boring bar 650 mm
Rate feed of spindle 0,06 mm/rotation
Longitudinal dislocation of moving headstock for facing 50 mm
Transversal dislocations of boring bar 15 mm
Manipulator of transversal setup of moving headstock 40 mm
Rotation of boring bar 200 – 800 rpm
Motor 1,5 hp
Width 2100 mm
Height 1600 mm
Depth 970 mm
Weight 1000 Kg
Technical data subject to change without notice.
Technical Manuals
Instruções de uso da Base Magnética BM-50
Relógio Apalpador para Centragem do Cabeçote