Hydraulic Press with Air Mattress

Desk floating on air mattress;
Nominated to serve or put guides seat with ease and perfection, thus avoiding failures of parallelism;
Follow template for disassembly of valves in the line Diesel heavy heads;
Command Directional Piston Hydraulic precise and pressure regulator valve manually variable 0-15 ton. measured by the gauge;
Set engine and hydraulic pump on the container, fixed to the structure.
Maximum capacyty 15 ton
Maximum stroke of piston 180 mm
Maximum pressure 240 bar
Hydraulic pump flow 5,4 l/min
Speed of piston 675 mm/min
Maximum vertical stroke of the table 420 mm
Dimension width 1400 x 350 mm
Motor hidraulic pump 2 cv
Dimensions 1730 x 1760 x 740 mm
Approximate weight 425 Kg
Technical data subject to change without notice.
Technical Manuals
Manual de Instrução