Hydraulic Press

Head system (HYDRAULIC PISTON AND COMMAND) moving laterally;
Own to serve and put the seat guides, bushings rod and valve seats;
Ease and perfection, thus avoiding failures of parallelism;
Table with variable height, for different operations without risk of damaging parts;
Piston Hydraulic Directional Control of accuracy;
Variable pressure regulating valve manually from 0 to 15 ton. measured by themanometer;
Set of engine and hydraulic pump on the reservoir, fixed to the structure.
Maximum Capacity 15 ton
Maximum stroke of piston 180 mm
Maximum longitudinal stroke of piston 890 mm
Maximum pressure 240 bar
Hydraulic pump flow 5,4 l/min
Speed of piston 675 mm/min
Maximum vertical stroke of the table 480 mm
Useful dimensions of the table 1150 x 310 mm
Hydraulic pump 2 hp
Width 1730 mm
Height 1750 mm
Depth 800 mm
Weight 405 Kg
Technical data subject to change without notice.