Surface Grinding Mechanical Machine

Milling cutters with interchangeable tools;
Movement of the table mechanical with variable speed electronically;
Faster rate feed of approximation of headstock electrical;
Rotation of spindle variable electronically;
All sliding tabs coated with Slydway;
Structure of iron Nodular GGG-50.
Table surface 450 x 1440 mm
Maximum length for machining 1550 mm
Maximum width for machining 350 mm
Maximum height for machining 620 mm
Variable rotation of headstock 180 – 1500 rpm
Variable speed of the table 80 – 1000 mm/min
Motor of headstock 5 hp
Motor-reducer of rate feed of the table 0,75 hp
Motor of rapid feed of headstock 1 hp
Width 3750 mm
Height 1080 mm
Depth 1040 mm
Weight 1450 Kg
Technical data subject to change without notice.
Technical Manuals
Ajuste da Folga Eixo Árvore
Manual de Providência Inicial
Manual para Troca dos Rolamentos do Cubo
Suporte Ajustável para Blocos V
Variar Inclinação do Cabeçote